4 Surprising Ways You Can Boost Your Business With Better Technology

The word “technology” has been distorted to the point of total confusion in the business world. Most people believe it is a synonym for “computer” or “mobile phone” but they couldn’t be more wrong. Technology is a multiplier, meaning it turns the efforts of one person into the equivalent of the efforts of many. The results have been clear for decades. The world is still in the midst of the greatest increase in productivity in human history.

The Mind Map

Developers started the search for a “better thinking tool” on the PC back in the 1980s and have come up with more than a few excellent candidates. From the original spreadsheet all the way to the most modern tools for creative writing, the software available for helping one individual do work equivalent to the efforts of dozens only a few years ago is sobering. This software has become so mainstream that many today may have forgotten the convenience it allows in business and work days.

Chief among the “mind mapping” tools in both simplicity and power is the basic flowcharting program. The hierarchical display of process and design has a huge variety of applications ranging from simple communications, to IT security, and the documentation of high-precision scientific research. Making use of these kinds of technologies is relatively simple for novices, but like the best tools, flowcharting applications become more powerful as they are mastered.

Hand Scanner

Society still hasn’t come to grips with the possibilities of having a high-definition camera and television studio in everyone’s pocket. So it should come as no surprise the business world is still trying to catch up. Many small businesses have, however, learned to use digital photography for a variety of purposes, including basic filing. With disk space as cheap as it is, there is no reason to house a building full of paper files when digital photographs of those documents can be much more easily cataloged and stored. This can be safer for your business as you can have greater control over who is allowed access to that information. You can also help prevent file destruction by crime or natural ageing.

Wide-Bandwidth Records

Keystroke recording programs are quite common and easily developed. The natural next step is what developers call a “lifestream” application. In business, this kind of application is used not only to track time, but to track any process on a CPU-driven device to gather metrics. The results of this kind of universal data gathering can be applied to efficiency programs for progressively better cost savings.


Even many years later, the basic idea of using Internet technologies and network protocols inside the walls of business is still changing. The internet revolutionized the business world and changed how we perform daily functions. The fact is, the internet is still changing and evolving and taking the business world with it. The internet made it possible for companies on different sides of the world to connect and do business together. How we secure our documents and business transactions is also constantly evolving as the internet continues to change and we develop new software and programs. If you’re interested in information, the internet, and information security you can learn more here.

While much of the business world’s technology depends on computers and mobile devices, the resulting applications can impact fields far removed from keyboards and screens. And what improves one area of technology has a tendency to improve others. It’s interesting to see the impact technology has had on the business world today, and exciting to see what will happen in the future.

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