6 Instagram Tools That You Can Use To Spice Up Your Instagram Post

You have uploaded them before, the various white-and-black Facebook pictures of the beach, filtered and blurred with in-depth and exciting quotes about human nature. Your buddies might have rolled their eyes at you, and some might have even liked them. However, irrespective of whether they like it or not, you need to realize that Instagram is the latest smash-hit, photo sharing app. And it is here to stay.


Instagram – For Your Business And Brand

You can use Instagram to enhance your brand image in 2016 and beyond. Just think about it. You are interacting with followers and audiences on instagram, they get a brief idea of your products and services, and their interest increases to a point where they feel like trying your products. Now here the customer is not in dire need of your services; still, the social media marketing strategies employed, entice them.

Ultimately, it is all about enhancing the experiences that potential customers want and developing an interest to know about you. Do you want to do the same? It is simple, and you need to use certain tools besides trying out the usual Instagram strategies.

Instagram Tools To Your Rescue

1) Canva

Hands down, this can become one of your favorite tools when it comes to designing images for your Instagram account. There are literally multiple templates, options, and designs at your disposal. Just check out the various online reviews to know what an awesome tool it is.


Even though it is practically impossible to create the desktop experience on mobile apps, still Canva does a decent job of ensuring that the major features are easily available for you. Currently, you can quickly gain access to your designs on Canva, especially when you want to post or upload them to Instagram from a mobile device.

2) Followadder

Many people might not know that Followadder is one of the famous desktop related Instagram tools. Various agencies are using this tool, and even power Instagram users are utilizing it to get free schedule updates and likes. Also, this tool follows users based on specific keywords or hashtag. Some of its top features are –

  • Easily handle various Instagram accounts at a single place
  • Publish Instagram posts immediately or schedule timer to get them posted sometime later by your device
  • Enhancing your Instagram community by engaging with audiences
  • Increasing followers and activity, thereby increasing your Google search ranking


3) Prisma

This application is quite fun to use. Now just when you thought Instagram and various other third-party applications figured out the benefits of filters, Prisma comes to the scene and steals the spotlight.


Its filters are unique and offer a bit of variety to your pictures. Currently, this tool is available only for iOS devices. But there is an Android version in beta, so it means that it won’t be too long until it is available on Google Play Store.

4) Crowdfireapp

Crowdfireapp is one of the awesome social media management tools for Instagram and Twitter. This is a free tool, and you can unlock various features by upgrading the plan.


Furthermore, this tool has Android and iOS apps which are quite classy. You can often use this tool to check out the recent people who have followed you and the list of un-followers. With this app, you can follow and unfollow other Instagram users.

5) WordSwag

If you want to easily and quickly overlay text on top of your favorite images and photos, then this is the perfect app you have been waiting for. Even though there are certain kinds of images to select from, still the WordSwag app is integrated with Pixabay, thereby providing you with thousands of options for images to select from.


Just check out this tool’s font selection, as it simply steals the show. It has 50 different kinds of font selections and with that, there are 5 types of layout for each of the font. So, it means there are about 250 types of font layouts and options to select from.

6) Instahoot

If you are looking to work with an Instagram tool that uses a credit system, then try Instahoot. With this tool, you get free credits, and these can be utilized for promoting your Instagram posts. Also, you can use the credits to increase your followers.


Also, you can like other Instagram posts and follow other users to earn credits and even use them.


While there are thousands of Instagram apps, tools and services to select from, these six apps are the best ones. They provide endless options while you are selecting what content to post on your Instagram feed.
Sandra Christie is a social media writer at iDigic.net who also contributes for hundreds of other blogs. Her articles predominantly focus on social media marketing and are widely followed by readers from all over the world.

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