Branding and Visual Identity: VITS MEDIA

Branding and Visual Identity: VITS MEDIA

Branding and Visual Identity: VITS MEDIA

Mar 20, 2017

VITS MEDIA is a branding and visual identity project created and shared by G’DAY on their Behance profile. VITS MEDIA is the user-focused transformation agency located in Vancouver. They specialize in design and UX strategy for digital products working with global clients and start-ups. The logo captures a bit of the movement, especially with the word-mark, which also has a nice stencil feel.

The logo graphic is derived from the first write, brand creative fonts and graphics are abstract expression technology information transfer, using a clean blue flag so full of technology and futuristic.

The logo conveys a clean, concise and Science image. It exemplifies the brand DNA of “individuality”. It is an integral part  of visual applications of the brand image and serves an extremely important purpose.

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About G’DAY

G’DAY is a design company located in Shenzhen,“ The City of Design of China”,with global vision and a professional team, we focus on the brand innovation and assistant the development of our customers. For more information check out

In G’DAY, we believe the concept that “design up-grade the brand”. We can offer all kinds of solutions for the specified requirments of the clients such as logo design, VI optimization and media publication…