Creative Design Portfolio Inspiration

Creative Design Portfolio Inspiration

Creative Design Portfolio Inspiration

Mar 30, 2018

Today we’re bringing you design portfolio inspiration with the help of Semplice. Semplice is a WordPress-based portfolio system by designers for designers. From art directors to designers to illustrators, creatives around the world use Semplice to create their custom portfolio. Keep reading to see their design work and the beautiful portfolios they built to showcase it.

Las Coleccionistas

The Las Coleccionistas portfolio is bright and lively. GIFs and videos throughout make each project page a joy to scroll through.

Geo Panch

Geo Panche’s portfolio features his cinematic art direction and design work. He keeps his layout simple and clean so viewers are undistracted and fully immersed in his project stories.

Ana Realmuto

Ana Realmuto expertly uses white space and spare, minimalist layouts to showcase her designs and digital mood board.

Valentino Marazitti

Valentino Marazitti’s portfolio features full-screen videos that set a perfect tone for his surreal, visual work.

Sofia Girelli

Sofia Girelli uses a custom grid to showcase her designs, illustrations and paintings. Page transitions and hover effects give her portfolio energy and depth.

Sasha Korobov

Sasha Korobov’s portfolio puts all projects front and center on the homepage, with subtle GIFs and project videos for clients like Prada.

John Birmingham

John Birmingham’s portfolio is dark and moody. Each element fades in elegantly as you scroll through projects like Rihanna’s ANTIdiaRy and Google’s Material Design.

Daniel Barkle

Daniel Barkle’s project pages are a delight to scroll through. With animations, page transitions and a unique full-screen navigation (plus emoji cursor!) Daniel Barkle’s portfolio design is full of personality.

Build with Pride. Use Semplice.

All portfolios shown here were built with Semplice. Learn more about all the features Semplice provides to build your custom portfolio, and be sure to check out the Semplice Showcase for hundreds more inspiring design portfolios.