Editorial Design and Illustration for Public-sector Publications

Editorial Design and Illustration for Public-sector Publications

Editorial Design and Illustration for Public-sector Publications

Apr 09, 2018

Marçal Prats shared a beautiful post showcasing the editorial design and illustration work done for very important publications. These public-sector publications have one thing in common: the people. The topics they deal with are very sensitive and therefore the illustrations always convey trust and positivity.

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Editorial Design & Illustration

1. Customer Services in Government

How can U.S. agencies bring customer service to every level of their organization? This guide explains the role of each department and staff member – from agency leaders to frontline staff to HR and IT personnel – and provides firsthand advice.

The illustrations are influenced by the fauvist paintings of André Derain(1900-1910), which are characterized by strong colors and fierce brushwork.

Inspiration – Fauvism

Sketch process

2. The Human Resources Playbook for Gov

This playbook focuses on the key issues U.S. agencies must address to achieve proper recruiting, hiring, onboarding and employee development.

The concept of Human Resources, together with Playbook, evokes the favorite game of my childhood: Lego –with its characters, bold colors, and the assembly instructions as well. Furthermore, the illustrations and page layout have been drawn in blocks using a grid, like when playing the game.

Inspiration – Lego

Sketch process

Square grid layout

3. People of the Cyber

This guide dives into six personas that represent different types of agency personnel behind government cybersecurity. By better understanding them, U.S. agencies can tackle the most important component behind cyber defense: humans.

The design is inspired by the Kawaii culture: anything that stirs feelings of care, and protectiveness.

Inpiration – Kawaii

Sketch process

4. Icon library

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Defining Your Role In Government Customer Experience
The Human Resources Playbook for Government
The People Behind Government Cybersecurity