Elegant Brand Identity for Lineage Law

Elegant Brand Identity for Lineage Law

Elegant Brand Identity for Lineage Law

Mar 20, 2018

KIND | Conceptual Branding shared an super elegant brand identity project on their Behance profile. It’s for the law firm Lineage Law. They are a company that primarily deals with the things you don’t like to talk about: inheritance law and what happens when life comes to an end. In practice, this means focusing on leaving a legacy. A timeless challenge that requires timeless communication and a timeless identity. KIND has developed overall branding, a communications concept, campaigns and a visual identity for this ambitious American firm.

‘The past is your present’

Lineage is not just about the past, it is also about shaping the future you want for your existing loved ones, and for those yet to be born – ‘The past is your present’ as the firm puts it. Lineage Law offers a free confidential consultation to anyone who is interested in creating an estate plan or having an existing plan reviewed by our professionals. For those with an estate plan already in place, they will review your legal documents and give you a straightforward assessment of the plan’s effectiveness in meeting your stated goals. In either case, the firm’s attorneys will spend as much time as necessary to thoroughly review their clients situation with them and outline their options.

Michael Hoover, co-founder and attorney, said:

“When we started to really grow the business and we made the decision to take it to the next level, we tried to think outside of the box as to how we could take a different approach and a non-traditional route in what has traditionally been a very conservative and very bland industry. How do we transform something that has been morbid and cold into something warm and engaging? And so, the biggest challenge at the outset was figuring out how we effectively communicate that this is going to be a different experience.

Brand Identity

‘What is most compelling to me about Kind is knowing that the “good is not enough” mentality is a constant force at work – everything has to be the best, it has to perfect, it has to be amazing… It is apparent they are always striving for “the best” and that is why I would say Kind is the best branding agency in the world.’
MICHAEL J. HOOVER – CEO and Co-founder, Lineage Law