Graphic Design: Marquee Light Bulbs Toolkit

Graphic Design: Marquee Light Bulbs Toolkit

Graphic Design: Marquee Light Bulbs Toolkit

Jun 22, 2017

I love the internet and how it made things accessible in ways that are hard to explain for those that didn’t live before internet. This post is an example. As a fan of graphic design I was always exploring ways to create things in Photoshop. You can go to our Tutorials section and you will see that there are many examples of things like neon light, smoke and marquee light bulbs. Nowadays you can find everything pretty much done for you, like the  Marquee Light Bulbs – Front View 3D assets that Peter Olexa and Pete Deeezy shared on their Behance profile. It has everything you need to create your composition with those elements. I know it might not be the same thing than creating something from scratch, but in my opinion graphic design is about communication more than recreating the wheel.


Brand new and exclusive Marquee Light Bulbs – Front View 3D style typography toolkit with 4 lettering sets, 6 grunge display fonts and lot of shapes & elements. This bundle is exclusive and first time on sale only on Dealjumbo! All these letterings & shapes are great for any print or web projects, so maybe it’s time to add something creative and unique to your typography toolbox 😉 Whether you want to create original hi-res print design or just add something new and fresh to your typography collection, this bundle from TV Artworks can adhere to all your needs. You’ll find here super realistic vintage style light bulb lettering and lot of graphic elements. Just check all previews and you’ll love these unique graphics 😉

Download small sample from this bundle for FREE with extended license here!

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