How Branding Requires One to be Different

In a world where marketing businesses happen left and right, which strategy will help a brand stand out from the rest? Marketers are busy coming up with strategies that will work and convert their efforts into sales. And as small businesses face more and more challenges to reach their target market, consumers too continue to look for something different and refreshing. That is why companies persist in providing variety and a unique perspective.

To go a different route in marketing requires taking risks. As a marketer, you have to understand the challenge of being creative and quick in promoting your ideas. It’s a dog eat dog world, and brands sprouting like mushrooms everywhere could die just as quick. That’s because too often, business owners try to be like everyone else when, in reality, being successful regarding making a dent in the industry you are in means standing out.

Here are examples of brands that did things differently and are now experiencing the payoffs of their strategies.


What kickstarted in 2009 with just $200,000 in seed funding is now a multi-billion dollar company that provides commuters from all across the globe an alternative to the usual taxi transportation. By downloading the Uber app, users can hail a cab from a list of registered drivers who are near their locations. And they can choose their driver based on a rating that previous passengers left him. With the rating, Uber clients can track the progress of drivers. They will also receive other information about the driver for safety purposes. Users can also put in their credit or debit card details on the app for faster and smoother transactions in the future. Drivers, in turn, will no longer need to look hard for a passenger as the app will connect them to one. By making things easier for both passenger and driver, the company thrives and continues to expand up to this day.

Bearded Bastard

There is a burgeoning industry that caters specifically to the grooming needs of bearded men. Founded in 2011 by a bearded bastard, the company sells products made from natural and sustainable ingredients that can help tame and style men’s facial hair. What makes this company different is that it addresses the growing need of consumers from a very particular market. While a majority of people often associate styling and beauty supplies to women, the company can produce goods that are as masculine as grooming products could be.

OshKosh B’gosh

With more than 120 years of history, OshKosh is popular for manufacturing a distinct style of hickory-striped denim overalls for the working class family. Delivering pint-size versions of the apparel that children can enjoy also gave the brand a tighter hold in the industry. Of course, reaching a hundred years of running a business is no easy feat. And to keep the brand going further, marketers have to adapt to current demands.

It’s only recently that people and businesses are more welcoming to differently abled people working in the fashion industry. And just this month, OshKosh B’gosh signed a toddler with Down Syndrome to advertise their apparel. That was after a modeling agency turned the young boy down for a casting call for the parent company, Carter’s Inc. The rejection, or what would have been a normal step years ago, is now perceived as an unreasonable move. Because really, what better way to be different by having a group of various talented people working with your brand?


People have a vast pool of products and services to choose from, be it cookies or custom printed key tags, clothing or the latest gadget. And if a business looks like the one next to it, chances are people will overlook it. There are risks involved in every marketing strategy. Brand owners and marketers must think of a way that can provide a new solution to a same-old problem of customers or address a whole new issue that consumers have yet to resolve. And that requires being different in a monochromatic industry. In the end, doing things differently can help your brand stand out.

Earl Jonathan Tech founded PrintMeister, an online print advertising, and marketing startup that’s based in Australia. Earl provides high-quality products and services to clients looking for an extra push in their print marketing and promotional campaigns. Despite a busy schedule, Earl pursues his passion for writing by penning content that will help other young entrepreneurs build a name in the industry.

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