Insightful UX Articles for Designers

Insightful UX Articles for Designers

Insightful UX Articles for Designers

Aug 09, 2016

We previously share about our recommended UX articles for product designers and we are back with another list of articles about forms, UI minimalism, trends, hover and more. I do love taking the time to read through these articles, there is a lot of great people out there that doesn’t mind sharing their knowledge out there so in the end, we can all create/make beautiful experiences together.

It might sound a little cheesy but this is what’s everything is about. UX is changing all the time, what’s been done 6-12 months ago doesn’t necessarily mean that is the best practice or experience for your users. Part of our jobs is to collect the data driven from the users and see what we can improve for the next update or stage. Hope you will find this list useful.

Design Better Data Tables by Matthew Ström

Fun insightful article on tables, how was it done in the past and what has changed ever since. Gotta love those numeric tables!

UX Design: Checkbox and Toggle in Forms by Nick Babich

Checkboxes and toggles, little details that we tend to neglect that usually add to affect your user experience. This article what are the best practices to enhance it.

Design Better Forms by Andrew Coyle

Following the checkboxes and toggles, we have forms. What are the good practices for the labels, optional fields and more.

5 Actual Web Designs Trends for 2016 by Nils Sköld

With more than half a year gone, this article explore what are the latest actual web design trends for 2016. Pretty insteresting thoughts to keep your eyes on.

The Art of Minimalism in Mobile App UI Design by Nick Babich

Even though I find that everything related to UI is just plain minimalism but this article is going through the art of Minimalism in mobile UI, interesting thoughts!

Motion in UX Design by Nick Babich

What I really like about this article is that it explains that is not only about making a beautiful transition, it’s also about what are the purposes behind each action.

Stop the overuse of overflow menus by Daniel Burka

Totally digging this article byy David Burka who is talking about the overuse of overflow menus with clear examples of bad practices because there is better solutions to be considered.

Hover is dead. Long live hover. by Jordan Staniscia

Piercing the mysteries of the hover and what could be done to make a better user experience. Hover shouldn’t be used to trigger a primary action, give it a read.

Stop designing interfaces, Start designing experiences by DUVAL Nicolas

What I like about this article is the real talk about it’s not about making a pretty UI but making an overall experience for your users.

Persuasive UX Design: How To Get Users To Do Stuff (Part 2) by Beckii Adel

The second part of a very interesting article about how to engage with the users and whast she learned through Susan Weinschenk’s workshop.

Mobile First: Insights from going mobile only by Joe Toscano

Mobile first always, a great article reminding us that we should always think mobile first when designing anything UI/UX. The reasons why and sharing some good practices as well.

Remote workers share how they manage their work their work-life balance by Kristin Hillery

It’s not totally related to UX but I thought about sharing this great article about what our industry is slowly leaning towards to and what are the challenges/benefits.

Designing Perfect Text Field: Clarity, Accessibility and User Effort by Nick Babich

Little details that we tend to neglect while designing User Interfaces and it’s great that we can see what we are doing wrong and where we can improve.

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