OLYMPIA Animation

OLYMPIA Animation

OLYMPIA Animation

Aug 05, 2016

Another summer Olympic games will start today, this time taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There’s always an excitement behind any Olympic games, from the announcement of the logo and identity, to the mascot a few years prior. The opening ceremony is probably one of the highlights of the show, it’s always kept in secret what will be shown. We here at Abduzeedo are getting into the spirit and looking forward to 17 days of sports and of course Olympic related posts. The OLYMPIA one from Behance had to be the first because it’s just beautiful.

OLYMPIA is an homage to the Games and especially the athletes and their amazing moves. I love how stylish the animation is, there’s a lot of dynamic and everything feels super fluid. The project was done by Henrique Barone, Rafael Mayani and Conor Whelan from Vancouver, Canada and CypherAudio from Toronto, Canada.


Design process


  • creative direction: Henrique Barone, Rafael Mayani and Conor Whelan
  • art direction: Rafael Mayani
  • storyboard and animatic: Henrique Barone
  • animation and line clean-up: Henrique Barone and Conor Whelan
  • color clean-up: Rafael Mayani and Henrique Barone
  • compositing: Conor Whelan
  • music and sound design: John Black