The Sweet Work of Andre Caputo

The “Sweet” Work of Andre Caputo

The "Sweet" Work of Andre Caputo

Aug 09, 2016

We just wanna warn you that the following article might be very “sweet” and you might get temptations at getting a snack. We just wanna warn you first! 🙂 Let’s talk about the ads that we are all encountered every single day. According to CBS News, we are exposed to an average to 5000 ads per day. This is an enormous number when we all know that there are only 24 hours in a day. Among ads about cars, events, campaigns and others; we’ll see a lot of advertising about food. They triggered temptations to simply fulfill your desire to eat.

Let’s take a closer look at the work of Andre Caputo, he is a CGI artist and graphic designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. What I love about his work is how close it looks like a photograph, even though we know in the back of our mind that it’s not real. Beautifully done!

Here I gather: passion for working with image creation; creativity; disposition to search for new techniques and innovation; esthetic sense and seek for the best quality; eagerness for a great relationship with clients; and discipline, that allows the projects to be delivered on time.

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