Wallpaper of the Week – #themetroproject

Wallpaper of the Week – #themetroproject

Wallpaper of the Week - #themetroproject

Jan 29, 2017

Following up our comeback with the Wallpaper of the Week series, it’s crazy to imagine there’s more than 350+ wallpapers available to download for your different screen resolutions. Things have changed ever since so we decided to change the formula, each week we’ll try our best to publish one of our own pictures as a challenge. Let us know of your thoughts or suggestions so we can adjust for future endeavors.

For this week’s wallpaper, we are sharing this image by François Hoang (me) for a photo project that has been going on for more than a year now. It’s part of my obsession of mine about the architecture/design of an underground system. There’s something intriguing about chasing these clean lines and especially like when you’re living in a city like Montreal. This wallpaper is available for desktop and mobile.

Wallpaper of the Week - #themetroprojectWallpaper of the Week - #themetroprojectWallpaper of the Week - #themetroproject

You can download the wallpaper and for more you can follow me on Instagram.