4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Social Media Reputation

We all know that you can’t turn any corner without running into social media, especially since the majority of digital marketing depends on it. Despite your love-hate relationship with it, you must be aware of certain deal-breakers which will repel followers, fans, and even clients away from you. Even if you’re a social media guru, let’s go over 4 ways you may be ruining your social media reputation.

Overload or Ghost Town

Social media presence is defined by the posts the company or individual makes on their profiles. Before even getting into the quality of your posts, let’s talk about the numbers. If you only post once a month or every few weeks, your followers will slowly begin to lose interest or even forget. You
don’t want your profile to be a ghost town for anyone who happens to stumble upon it. Followers expect to see something while scrolling down their feeds that catches their attention even for a moment, because this may be enough to sell your service or product. On the other hand, there are those pages that post several times in a day to the point that people can’t tell if it’s a new post or they are experiencing deja vu. Either scenario will get you more unfollowers than followers.

Cut Back on the Branding

Those who heavily rely on sponsorships or promoting a product or service through their social media channels are at a risk of over-branding. This is a common social media mistake which will ruin your reputation and decrease your notability. You don’t need to always make every post about you or something you have to offer. There are many ways you can relate and reach out to the audience that don’t require direct promotions. Share something interesting done by another person or company which might also be of interest to your followers. At the end of the day, the viewers see that you are the one making the post, so there is no need to mention your brand every time. Show more, and say less.

Don’t be Artificial

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward on social media, that’s a given, but being artificial is the worst way to ruin your social media reputation and trust among your audience. Over-branding was one of the routes to coming off as too artificial, but it’s possible to not promote anything at all and still not give a trustworthy vibe to your followers. Don’t be afraid to let loose to some extent and share a funny quote or video, in the sphere of your audience’s interests of course. Completely random posts are not the answer to this, but the more your followers can relate to your brand on a personal level, the more trust will flow between the consumer and producer.

Hush, Hush

Last, but not least, be wary of touching upon sensitive topics or phrases which have no relation to your company or image. Social media is the epitome of opinion-making, where even your best messages can be read with a negative connotation. This doesn’t mean you should self-censor yourself, but know the consequences of speaking of concepts which aren’t relevant to your company’s mission. This means imposing your personal ideas onto the audience, which includes an extensive hate or love for certain topics, and making offensive or unprofessional remarks directed to specific organizations. After all, your task is to manage the social media reputation of the organization, and leave your personal thoughts aside when on the job.

Tatevik Kyurkchyan is the Content Marketing writer for ODD Republic, an LA-based digital agency specialized in PR, Branding, Marketing, and Web Development.

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