A Beginner’s Guide To Increasing Website Traffic

Nobody likes writing great content only for nobody to come across it and to find that it isn’t displaying in anyone’s search engine result pages. There are plenty of ways that you can get your content seen by hundreds, thousands, even millions, you just need to use the correct tools. What is SEO? Websites are set up with appropriate keywords … Read More

Which Business Structure is Right for Your Startup?

Walt Disney said it best when he said, “The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing,” so if you’ve been talking about making your startup or business idea a reality, it’s time to get started. And one of the first (and most important) steps to take is determining which business structure—Sole Proprietorship, DBA (Doing Business As), … Read More

3 Financial Growth Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

As the adage goes “it takes money to make money, ” and that is never truer than with small businesses. One of the most common challenges entrepreneurs face is how to get to the next stage of growth for their business. Often, these challenges come back to finances. If you don’t know what growth strategies to invest in, or lack … Read More

Finest Way to Start a Food Truck Business

Ideas are prevalent they can strike anytime; especially business ideas are contaminating in nature, one idea can lead to another, then further before resulting in a successful venture. Let’s start with the small idea and give it wings to fly. A food truck might be a small business idea but if you capitalize on its potentiality then you might be … Read More

4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Social Media Reputation

We all know that you can’t turn any corner without running into social media, especially since the majority of digital marketing depends on it. Despite your love-hate relationship with it, you must be aware of certain deal-breakers which will repel followers, fans, and even clients away from you. Even if you’re a social media guru, let’s go over 4 ways … Read More

3 Quick Tips to Prepare Your Home Office for Telecommuting Full Time

If you’re making the transition from a 9-5 office job, there are some steps that you can take to make sure your remote work space is up to the task. Beyond the obvious “must-haves” like a stable high-speed internet connection, a door that closes to keep noise and distractions at bay (especially important if you have little ones), a reliable … Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility & Small Business Management

Corporate social responsibility isn’t just for corporations. Businesses varying in size are understanding that maximizing profits by cutting corners and succumbing to environmental and social irresponsibility is not in their best interest. In fact, profits are coming from a concept not focusing on maximizing profits, but instead focusing on what a company can do environmentally and socially to impact the … Read More

Three C’s to Overcome Customer Objections

Wall-to-Wall Satisfaction Jan Carlzon ignited the customer service revolution when he devoted millions of dollars to provide training for each of Scandinavian Airlines’ 20,000 employees. He did this at a time when SAS was losing money. The move led to a new term—“wall-to-wall” training, which emphasizes and sustains high-quality service efforts. Overcoming customer objections in an ethical manner is part … Read More

How Criminal Background Checks can Impact the Image of Your Company

Hiring and recruiting costs a lot of time and money and there is always some risk involved. Criminal background checks may seem like a normal thing to recruiters and staffing agencies, but larger companies may not understand that this is a crucial way to protect data. If you don’t take extra steps to ensure transparency and trust from the get-go—your … Read More

What Kind of Things Can a Public Relations Firm Do for Your Business

What is PR? Are you familiar with this term? If not, let us tell you the exact definition of the Public relation before proceeding. “Public relation is the way of communication that the companies and organizations do with their target audience by using direct or indirect media. A PR specialist works to target your audience through media to create a … Read More