How to Build Customer Relations through Your Business Facebook Page

Facebook has conquered the social media universe in the last decade. With more than 2 billion active users, this network covered almost one-third of an entire global population. That is exactly why entrepreneurs are now trying to utilize Facebook pages as the means to strengthen customer relations.

Today, businesses have the opportunity to interact directly with potential customers and create customized offers for each one of their followers. They can reach more people through Facebook pages than using email, websites, or any other social network. At the same time, more than 30% of Facebook users engage with brands regularly, much more than anywhere else in the digital world.

Bearing all this in mind, you need to learn how to build customer relations through your business Facebook page. In this article, we will show you how to do it.

Create Appealing Status Updates

You can hardly expect the followers to take part in online interactions with your brand if you don’t provide them with appealing content regularly. It needs to be something that they can relate to easily. But in order to understand their needs, you have to analyze an average user persona. Think about their age, gender, location, and values.

Are there any specific emotions that they consider the most entertaining or engaging? Whatever crosses your mind can be used while creating posts for the Facebook page. Try to approach them with real-life stories and reveal the human aspect of your business. Don’t be afraid of communication and ask your followers for comments and ideas. This is the best way to let them know that you really care about their opinion.

Exploit the Messenger App

You can address thousands of users directly through Facebook Messenger. Back at the time, it used to be sort of a one-way communication channel in which brand followers were able to send messages to your business page. You could only answer in the inbox after their initial input.

However, Facebook introduced new business features and allowed you to send messages to all users who previously left a comment to one of your posts. It enabled marketers to become proactive and more efficient, consequently. Of course, designing and posting engaging content is still the most important aspect of social media marketing because you need great posts to convince followers to leave comments.

Once you get the job done, you deserve the chance to send a private message to the user. As for the message format, it is the same like in all other cases – there is no difference between a company message and the message you get from a regular Facebook friend. As the owner of a business Facebook page, you have many other Messenger options at your disposal: auto-reply, ads, and bots.

Organize Facebook Contests

People love contests and social media marketers are well aware of this fact. An average contest attracts almost 35% of new fans and generates a whole bunch of new leads. Therefore, it is one of the best methods to keep your followers engaged. For instance, you can invite people to take and post photos in the gym using your sports gear.

Those who create impressive images will be rewarded but you should make sure to offer them something related to your business. Besides that, it has to be a high-value prize to really inspire your audience. In some cases, brands want their fans to share their content, which is great because the user-generated content has a huge potential to go viral.

Make Sure To Engage Yourself

Okay, now you know how to inspire users to leave comments and engage in social interaction with the brand. But don’t forget that followers want to feel appreciated, too. They demand your attention and want to see your response. This is why you cannot afford to be slow and passive.

Keep yourself engaged as well, answering comments and giving your own suggestions. Show people that they are communicating with a real person and not a robot. It will make them more comfortable interacting with the brand and you’ll increase the number of user shares and comments.

Take Advantage of Retargeting

Each user who visits and performs any type of activity on your website leaves a digital trace which allows you to retarget this person. Basically, this system enables you to aim paid ads at this user and show him or her customized promotional messages. This trait makes Facebook retargeting extremely popular among entrepreneurs these days and you should dedicate some time to learning more about this option.

Mind the Content Quality

According to the latest studies, content marketing has become an almost universal tactic as almost 90% of companies have their own strategies in that regard. It’s a methodology that can significantly improve Facebook engagement of your fans but you have to come up with a decent plan.

According to Deborah Romano, who works as a relationship manager at EssaysOnTime, poor content can give you nothing but headaches. Deborah explained it simply: “Our Facebook content deemed excellent but it failed to generate user engagement at first. However, we noticed that our audience is highly sensitive to recent trends, so we started paying more attention to the latest developments in the niche.”

If you are not sure what are the most popular topics in your industry, use online tools like Google Trends to discover it. Additionally, pay attention to multimedia because video clips, GIFs, and images now make a large portion of an entire Facebook content.


With its numerous features, business Facebook pages give you the opportunity to establish closer relations with the followers and involve them in everyday interactions with the brand. It will also help you to boost brand awareness and generate more sales leads.

In order to do this, you have to prepare a good strategy and follow the basic principles of Facebook content marketing. In this article, we showed you 6 ways how to achieve it. Keep our suggestions in mind and feel free to let us know in comments if you need additional explanations about this topic.

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